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About Consortium PROGRES 3

The core mission of the PROGRES 3 Consortium (hereinaft er “the Consortium”) is to create links among the universities of the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Žilina Region, the Trenčín Region, Banská Bystrica Region and the Silesian and Opole Voivodeships with regardto scientific research and innovation. The goal of these links is to generate a concentration of research and innovation capacities; this concentration will facilitate more eff ective planning, management and practical implementation of research projects and their technical applications. Th e Consortium will create the necessary conditions for intensive sharing of research outcomes and experiences of innovation-based activities, and will complement the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) TRITIA which exists on the level of national ministries.

The Consortium will create conditions enabling the regions involved in the Consortium to achieve higher competitiveness.


Chairman of the Consortium PROGRES 3 is prof. Ing. Jozef Ristvej, PhD. EMBA

prof. Ing. Jozef Ristvej, PhD. EMBA, Vice-rector for International Relations and Marketing at the University of Žilina was unanimously elected the new Chairman during the Consortium Board Online Meeting on 29 September 2021.